Ad clicks can be tagged as ADBOT or INORED. This is determined before click processing immediately after the click is logged.

ClickGUARD does not process adbot and ignored clicks meaning protection is not applied.

How does ClickGUARD determine adbot clicks?

Adbot clicks are made by Google's own crawler, often referred to as the "AdsBot". This bot is used by Google to review landing pages for Google Ads.

You can read about Google's crawlers here.

How does ClickGUARD determine ignored clicks?

Clicks are "ignored" only in terms of click processing, meaning the system logs them but doesn't analyze them or run protection. This can happen due to several reasons:

The campaign that generated the impression is not protected by ClickGUARD in Settings - you can change this by protecting the campaign in settings
Monthly click limit is reached and the system stopped protecting clicks - you can remedy this by upgrading your subscription plan