This article covers cancelling during TRIAL. If you're an active subscriber and wish to cancel, refer to the respective support article.

You can cancel your free ClickGUARD TRIAL at any time before the TRIAL ends and the system automatically subscribes you to the plan of your choice.

To cancel your TRIAL you can:

reach out to ClickGUARD support via in-app chat or
send an email to from the email address used to sign up or
send an email to from any email address but make sure you state your name and customer number so that we can confirm your identity
call +1-650-528-2500 and request cancellation by stating your name and customer number

Please include feedback on why you're cancelling.

What if you forget to cancel?

In case you forgot to cancel your free ClickGUARD TRIAL you can request an immediate cancellation and refund within the 24 hours after your TRIAL expired. We will refund 75% of your payment to cover refund fees.

After 24 hours since your TRIAL expired ClickGUARD will consider your subscription as active and you will not be refunded. You can request to cancel your active subscription at any time.

What if ClickGUARD didn't cancel in time?

In case you reached out to ClickGUARD support requesting cancellation before your TRIAL expired but our team didn't react on time for any given reason we will refund 100% of your payment and cover refund fees.