For changing your plan during TRIAL reach out to support via in-app chat or via email.

You can easily change your ClickGUARD protection plan by visiting your Subscription page and hitting the "Change Plan" button:

You can then chose your desired plan based on the monthly number of supported clicks and the payment frequency (monthly or annually):

After selecting the desired plan simply hit the "Update Plan" button on the top and confirm your choice.

Upgrading plan, proration

When you upgrade your protection plan you'll be immediately switched to the higher plan and your preferred payment method will be charged (prorated) only for the difference between the two plans between the upgrade moment and the end of the billing period.

Downgrading plan, grace period

When you downgrade your protection plan during an ongoing billing period you'll start the "grace period" during which you'll be benefitting from the pre-paid plan you chose before downgrading. Grace period will end with the billing period after which you'll be switched to the lower plan: