ClickGUARD is not logging ad clicks

If you're not seeing any ad clicks being logged by ClickGUARD in your Click Reports there's a couple of possible causes:

1) AdWords tracking template is not properly installed

In case you opted out from having ClickGUARD automatically install the tracking template in your AdWords account you need to make sure to install it manually. If this step is skipped, or you're using a custom tracking template you need to make sure it's properly configured to allow ClickGUARD to track your ad clicks.

2) There's a URL tracking template set on campaign, ad group or ad level that overrides ClickGUARD's tracking template

If you have a URL tracking template set on a lower level (campaign, ad group or ad) that template will override ClickGUARD's tracking template and clicks will not be coming via ClickGUARD's proxy. Consider either completely removing the tracking template form lower levels or create and configure a custom tracking template.

3) Your AdWords account is suspended

Make sure your AdWords account is not suspended or under review as this can be the reason why you're not seeing any clicks in ClickGUARD.

In case you're not sure what could be the issue, contact ClickGUARD support via in-app chat.

ClickGUARD is not logging organic traffic

If there are no ORGANIC clicks being shown in your Click Reports there's a couple of things to check:

1) Are you filtering out ORGANIC clicks?

In order to make sure you're not filtering out organic traffic, make sure you're not using the "Paid click?" filter to show only ad clicks.

2) Did you install the tracking code?

If you haven't installed the JavaScript tracking code on your website or if it is not working properly (not installed in the right place or JavaScript errors on the site preventing it to work) ClickGUARD will not log any organic clicks.