If you wish to resume your ClickGUARD subscription (resubscribe) you can do this easily by logging in to the application and clicking on "Subscribe":

You can then chose a plan and resume your subscription. If you didn't remove ClickGUARD's access to your Google Ads accounts you'll be able to simply activate them. Otherwise you'll have to re-add them.

Discounts or legacy plans that were available during the initial subscription are not available when resubscribing.

Using a different credit card

If you'd like to use another credit card you can update your billing information prior to subscribing.

Previously collected data

Data previously collected by ClickGUARD for an Google Ads account that was protected during the initial subscription is retained for a specific time period defined in the subscription plan after which it's removed from the system.

Resuming a suspended account

If your account was suspended you will not be able to login and resume your subscription. Click here to read about suspended accounts.