By default, ClickGUARD automatically sets the tracking template for your Google Ads account when you link it with ClickGUARD’s manager account. If you opted out from the auto-set option you have to manually set it in your Google Ads account settings.

See this link from official documentation on how to configure the tracking template based on the type of the account you’re using.

Important: In order for ClickGUARD to log your ad clicks you have to configure the tracking template on the account level. Alternatively, if you intend to protect only specific campaigns with ClickGUARD and manually maintain the tracking template for newly added campaigns, you can configure it for each specific campaign instead.

Where can I find the tracking template in ClickGUARD?

You can copy the tracking template by visiting Settings page and searching for the “Google Ads Tracking Template” panel. Simply click on the text box and copy its content.

What if I’m already using my own tracking template?

Read about using a custom Google Ads tracking template in parallel with ClickGUARD’s own tracking template here.