When an account is suspended, you cannot login to the application. Same goes for all team members of the suspended master account.

Protection is active! - Even though the account is suspended, protection is active for all Google Ads accounts protected with the given ClickGUARD account.

Why was your account suspended?

A ClickGUARD account can get suspended due to various reasons. This can happen automatically - when a system safety check fails - or it can be done by an administrator, when there's a viable reason.

Some of the reasons why an account could be suspended are:

Not respecting Terms of Service (e.g. starting multiple TRIALs with different or same Google Ads accounts)
Billing issues
Issues with linked Google Ads account(s)
Suspicion of fraudulent and/or malicious activities
Any kind of system abuse

How to remove account suspension?

In case your ClickGUARD account was suspended you should reach out to customer support via in-app chat or via email to support@clickguard.com.

A suspended account can be resumed after a manual review by an ad security expert.