Synchronizing Standard Accounts

When you make changes to your Google Ads campaigns, ad groups, keywords or ads they are not immediately synchronized with ClickGUARD. The system will pick them up sometimes during periodical synchronization efforts.

In order to immediately synchronize changes in Google Ads visit the Google Ads accounts section and click on the "Synchronize" button next to the Google Ads account you changed:

The account will be queued for synchronization and will be processed within 15 minutes from the time of the synchronization request:

ClickGUARD uses information about your account to show you detailed analytics within Click Reports and the Dashboard.

Synchronizing MCC Accounts

ClickGUARD periodically synchronizes your managed accounts information to make it easy for you to protect your clients' accounts.

When you add one or more clients' accounts to your manager account portfolio, in order to be able to protect it with ClickGUARD immediately you might need to trigger manual synchronization.

In order to do this visit the Google Ads accounts section and click on the "Synchronize Accounts" button: