In case you’re already using a custom tracking template to track certain parameters for your ad clicks you will have to combine it with ClickGUARD’s. You can do this in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 - Get your ClickGUARD tracking template

Visit Settings to obtain your tracking template. It will look something like this:{keyword}&nw={network}&cp={campaignid}&ag={adgroupid}&ad={creative}&kd={targetid}&dv={device}&mt={matchtype}&pl={placement}&rd={random}&tg={lpurl}

You’ll notice how all parameters used by ClickGUARD are 2-letter URL parameters. This will help you differentiate them from your own custom parameters.

Step 2 - Prepare your own tracking template

Grab your current (or wanted) tracking template from your account, campaign or ad group. It might look something like this:


Step 3 - Combine the two templates

To combine the two templates use the following simple formula:

CGT + “&” + ( CT - “{lpurl}?” ) = MT

CGT = ClickGUARD template, CT = custom template, MT = merged template

Here’s the end result:{keyword}&nw={network}&cp={campaignid}&ag={adgroupid}&ad={creative}&kd={targetid}&dv={device}&mt={matchtype}&pl={placement}&rd={random}&tg={lpurl}&campaign={campaignid}&keyword={keyword}

In a nutshell, to get the combined template you’ll do the following:

Remove the “{lpurl}?” part from your custom tracking template
Add the modified custom tracking template to the end of ClickGUARD’s tracking template by connecting them with the “&” character

How do I know that my template is working?

Make sure you test the resulting tracking template when you paste the combined template in AdWords configuration. AdWords will simulate ad clicks and confirm that the tracking URL is working. You will also see those test clicks in ClickGUARD tagged as “INVALID” as they are coming from Google’s ad bot.

What if some of my parameters are the same as ClickGUARD’s?

In case you have a custom parameter that matches any of the parameters set by ClickGUARD you’ll have to use another parameter in your own custom template. However this situation is not very likely to occur as ClickGUARD’s tracking template is using 2-letter parameters exclusively and for the purpose of avoiding potential matches with your custom parameters.

What if I’m tracking parameters on campaign / ad group level?

If you’re using a custom tracking template on campaign or ad group level you’ll have to combine those with ClickGUARD’s tracking template as well since tracking templates on a lower level override the one that’s set on the account level. Simply use the above formula and you’re set.